The Crabtree name has been traced back to the eleven hundreds in and around Yorkshire, England with the first records of the name coming to the Virginia colony of the New World in 1622.  This may have been one of two brothers, the other coming in the 1630's. It also appears that one stayed in Virginia area, with the other heading North into New England. My branch comes from Maine and is tied to the pirates/privateers Algreen and his brother. I am still putting together the details but it looks like Hancock, Maine and a place called Crabtree Point is where Algreen settled. I'll update this with better and more complete information soon. 

I have a few versions of the family coat of arms. If you are a Crabtree please  send me a JPEG versions of any different ones you may have. I'll be glad to post them. I also have the Halberts history which quotes Rietstap Armorial General records for our family. This outlines the specific design elements of our Crest.


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