New Series Outlined

 After I completed Book 1 of The Wands of Merlin series, I quickly wrote the first three Chapters of Book 2. Then I took a break to revisit my first novel.  I had started it on Sept 20, 2001, nine days after the bombings in New York. Set in Maine out on an isolated point of land, I called it Craggy Point.  I enjoyed reading some of it again and doing some editing for a day or two in my regular writing period.  As much as I wanted to continue, I was drawn back to Book 2. Once I get the flow of a book in my head I donít like to let it go.

 Itís funny how you get ideas for books and one day at work it was cold, dark, and rainy. The perfect setup for a ghost story. That turned in to Mystery Point. Well everything seems to go better in threes, so this past summer I came up with a third, set in the high desert of New Mexico called Rimshot Point.

I've written the basic plot lines for all three and look forward to diving into them soon.

...and I think there is a mystery series I need to layout.


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